Our Story

What is Boatgirl?

Boatgirl /bot-gurl/ noun:

1. female of any age who enjoys being on, in, or around the water. synonyms: boater, paddle boarder, beach-goer, surfer.

2. female of any age who leads by example, lives life passionately and with purpose, and looks good doing it. synonyms: tough, fearless, adventurous, goal-driven, tenacious. 

Got it? Good. Boatgirls are everywhere. WE are everywhere. Boating, surfing, paddling, swimming, sailing. We are women who inspire and look for inspiration. We are innovators and practical problem solvers. We lead by example. We strive to integrate work, play, family, and community into a meaningful whole.

Who is Boatgirl?

Boatgirl embodies the ideas of two sisters, Leslie and Paige Temple, who spent much of their childhood on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Having grown up in Tarboro–a small, rural town in eastern NC–both were exposed to traditional norms regarding women. However, their parents ingrained in them at an early age that gender-specific roles were, for the most part, meaningless. Their mother taught them to play basketball, to be competitive, and to challenge traditional beliefs about women. Their father showed them how to change the oil in their cars, use a casting rod, clean fish, and scull a boat.

More recently, on a family vacation, Leslie and Paige noticed how the bags they took on their adventures often tipped over, were difficult to manage around water, or just didn't look good. And... the idea of Boatgirl was born. Our goal is to merge strong, adventurous women with a line of bags with exceptional design and style that can withstand harsh weather and water conditions. 

The Bags

The result? A stand-out line of bags like no other. Boatgirl bags blend superior materials and top quality craftsmanship with brilliant designs and styles that make them revolutionary. We have diligently researched high-quality materials to find the perfect match for the needed functionality and look of our bags. We are invested in serious attention to detail so that your Boatgirl bag does just what you need it to do–perform well while looking great.

Our design philosophy originated from a desire to provide the rugged construction needed for harsh water conditions, yet our products are versatile enough to accompany any woman on any adventure, wherever that may be. 

Why Boatgirl?

We are committed to building Boatgirl Bags in the USA, by manufacturers that share our values. Why? Because it is important to us that the people designing Boatgirl bags understand quality craftsmanship. In addition, we want those making our bags to earn a living wage. It matters to us that making our bags in our state allows us to contribute to the economy of our very own communities and our country. Boatgirl is committed to working with sustainable, high quality materials. Why is this important? Because it means that your Boatgirl bag will last, which is great for you and is also kind to our environment with less trash in our landfills, oceans, and rivers. 

Our mission is to provide active women with the ideal bag to accompany them on their next adventure. Strong, smart, stylish. Like the women we know.

where you go, we go