How to Survive Winter - Boatgirl Style!

Boatgirl is introducing our Winter Kit—ideas for how to stay happy, healthy, and balanced during the winter months.

We will share with you strategies for making the winter months easier to tolerate. Whether it's easy, healthy recipes, ideas for staying active during the winter, or tips for reducing stress and anxiety, we get that Boatgirls need to be at their best to be able to adventure when it's time! 

Today, we’d like to share an awesome, inexpensive way to incorporate 15 minutes of yoga into your day. When people first started talking about the benefits of yoga and it had become sort of a trendy fad thing, I was like yeah, whatever. I had always been into running and going to the gym when it was just too cold or rainy to run. Then, I injured my achilles and had to stop running. I ended up trying yoga through an app that I downloaded to my ipad. Within weeks of starting it, I noticed a couple things: 1) My clothes were looser, 2) minor aches and pains seemed to disappear, 3) my flexibility improved dramatically, and 4) I felt better. Kinda hard to argue with that. Now, what I do is walk for about 45 minutes and then do 15 minutes of yoga. It's a great way to build strength, flexibility, and improve mindfulness skills.

Here are a couple of yoga programs that are inexpensive, can be done at home by downloading to a phone or ipad, and aren't (in my opinion) completely annoying, too difficult, or a waste of time or money:

1) Daily Om offers a 21-session program of 15-minute yoga sessions for as little as $25. Click here to learn more about this program. The instructor is English and easy to listen to. You can play your own yoga playlist while doing the program.

2) Fitstar Yoga is an app that can be downloaded to your phone or ipad. There is a free version or you can pay $7.99/month to access a personalized plan and other features. Tara Stiles is the instructor and she is low-key with a voice that is easy to listen to. 

3) If you are a person that needs to go to a class to stay motivated to do something like yoga, check with your local gym or YMCA. Most now offer yoga classes that tend to be good quality and challenging.

Yoga has been shown to improve strength, flexibility, mood, and anxiety. It's a great way to get through those windy, rainy, cold days! And your body and mind will be ready when its time for your next Boatgirl Adventure! Do it!



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